Artists in Jackson Hole

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Arguably one of the most spectacular places in the world, Jackson Hole appeals to those of us who choose to be surrounded by unparalled beauty every single day. Our seemingly solid mountain range is in a constant state of flux both below ground and above, recreating the landscape all the time while offering dramatic weather that can't be ignored. The Tetons are home to the wildest of wild life and witness to every kind of human adventure and drama imaginable. Artists like myself find inspiration in the spectacular beauty and the dynamic qualities of this special place through the daily explorations in our outer world just so we can learn more about our inner worlds. With our art, we seek to make the connection between what we see outside and what we experience inside. 

Appealing to art lovers who live in Jackson Hole or are just passing through, Brush ART VENTURES represents a selection of local professional and emerging artists, whose work clearly reflects the exceptional beauty and inspiration of the unique environment in which we live, work, play and create. 

We invite you to venture beyond the downtown galleries and consider meeting our artists by making an appointment for a private viewing or to visit them in their studios.